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Live. Love. Laugh.

A well-known mantra that has become my way of living. Live, by accepting the things you cannot change. Love, the ones closest to you as if there’s no tomorrow. Laugh, each day because sadness will get you nowhere!

The Rousing Romantinc

Cam Johns

Romance Author

First off, I’m not one of those authors that can’t wait to brag about themselves and their accomplishments. I’m just a simple girl, from New Jersey, with a large family of strong women. I may not have all of the accolades, published articles and/or books to back me, but that doesn’t make me any less of a determined writer. What I can say for sure is writing wasn’t part of my plan…let alone publishing. I’ll be honest – growing up I didn’t quite have a plan at all. I was one of those shy, quiet girls that went to a catholic school with a small group of friends. However, I still found my way into mounds of trouble, mostly at home, but sometimes at school. Yup. Some people that know me now wouldn’t even believe that last statement was true. I even got detention sometimes…my own mother doesn’t know that.

It wasn’t until my senior year in high school that my “potential” was noticed…and not be me. I had absolutely no intention of going to college. I really just wanted to graduate, work and move out of my mother’s home. My grandmother had a different outlook for my life. I’ll never forget, we were in her car on the way to her home and I had my normal teenage know-it-all attitude about something so unimportant I don’t even remember anymore. I do recall getting smart with her and she threw the car in park in the driveway as she turned to face me. “I don’t know who the hell you talkin’ to, but you better get yo’ shit together.” Did she just cuss at me? I thought as she leaves me sitting there. The mere fact that she cursed enforces that she means business. It was then that I started to have a more positive spin on my future. With her help, I spoke to my counselor at school who encouraged me to apply to at least one college, so I did.

Shortly after, my counselor gave me the news I was accepted to Bloomfield College before I got it in the mail. Not only that, but they were so impressed with my essay, which I turned into a short story, that they accepted me into a writing program. A program I never heard of or wanted to for that matter. I probably should have pursued writing further then, but I remained in my shell and writing as a hobby. Even though my grandmother has passed, I’ll never forget those never said again expletives in her driveway.

Now here we are in the present. I find myself still fighting inner negotiations of my scattered brain. I’m serious, my thoughts are always all over the place, but the one thing that finds it’s way to paper is the romantic tales of erotic behaviors with a little mystery. So there you have it…my internal voice now published for the world to see. Believe it or not, I couldn’t even conceive some of the things I found myself typing. I love to vividly describe every aspect of this inner experience on paper so that my readers can put themselves in the book and experience awakening situations they’d never expect.

So, that’s it. A little of my past that helped build into my future. Cam in a nutshell!

“Her breast almost fully exposed, protruding from her tight, low-cut T-shirt. I fight the urge to spin her on her back, and pull them into my mouth, knowing I’ve only got a few minutes before there’s another interruption at the door. Right now, there’s only one thing I want.”

-Two to the Back

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The Arousing Series:

“Because you’re mine.” He leans in all the way kissing me hard, making it difficult to breathe. Before I can push him away he lifts my arms above my head, pressing his heavy muscular body against me, and I let him, giving into my darkest desire.”