Romance in the Spotlight Feature: Jaclyn Roche

Get to Know Jaclyn!

Jaclyn loves to write stories with a bite; sometimes literally!

Her Dark Fantasy Romances are packed with paranormal delights.

She is inspired to pen novels that bewitch her reader’s hearts and souls. You can usually find her in her writing cave weaving together those remarkable tales. She hopes they are ones you will think about long after you read, The End.


She lives in the middle of the woods in Maine on a mountain across from a lake. Sharing wonderland is easy when it’s with a loving husband, wild children, goofball dogs, fat toads, and a naughty cat who hasn’t learned her lesson and still tries to eat them!

Jaclyn’s a recovering English teacher who digs in the garden but kills everything she plants and burns almost everything she cooks! Good thing she knows how to write!

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Question & Answer

  • What was the simplest romantic gesture you’ve ever received?

My husband spoils me. I don’t know which to choose from. 

  • What was the hardest scene you’ve ever written?

The hardest scene I have written is usually the one I am currently working on. I tend to plot and outline, but if there are any details I don’t know it will bother me until I figure them out. Currently, I am working on the logistics of travel across continents and through an enchanted forest.

  • Who’s your favorite character? Why?

This is a tough one, but I love one of the triplets I am currently writing. Helraen. He’s an Alpha male warrior who selflessly gives up everything to save his brother’s mate.

  • Tease me with the sexiest quote from one of your books.

Never had he craved the taste of another’s flesh as much as he hungered for the Royal Princess. Forbidden to him. Any illicit dalliance with her would be fatal.
-Hanraí, Prince of Elrad

  • If you could, how would you help the Indie Writers Community?

I would create author coaching courses for new writers seeking to self publish. Give them all the resources to succeed including mentorships with those who have success.

  • Why did you choose your genre?

It chose me! I can’t imagine writing anything else.

  • What was the first romance novel you read?

Fires of Winter (Haardrad Family #1) by Johanna Lindsey I picked it up off of the bookshelves in my childhood home and haven’t stopped reading romance since!

  • Name one song that always makes your writing playlist.

I don’t always listen to the same playlist. I have to change it up depending on the scene I am writing and my distractibility. If I am looking for music with words then it would be either You Should See Me In A Crown by Billie Eilish or Panic Room by Au/Ra. If I am looking for music without words either for mood or because I am super distractible then I would either listen to a channel on or one of my (many) Epic Scores playlists on Spotify. Check my playlists out here: 



Thanks for sharing with us! Have a great birthday weekend!!