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K.L. Bone is a bestselling author of dark fantasy and paranormal romance. Her works include the bestselling Black Rose Guard dark fantasy series. The bestselling Flames of Kalleen paranormal romance series. The Rise of the Temple Gods fantasy series. And a stand-alone science fiction novel, The Indoctrination and numerous novellas. Bone has a master’s degree in modern literary cultures and is working toward her PhD in creative writing at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. She wrote her first short story at the age of fifteen and grew up with an equally great love of both classical literature and speculative fiction. Bone has spent the last few years as a bit of a world traveler, living in California, London, and most recently, Belfast. When not immersed in words, of her own creation or studies, you’ll find her traveling to mythical sites that have inspired storytellers for generations.

Question & Answer:

  • What was the simplest romantic gesture you’ve ever received?

My husband comes home sometimes with ‘just because’ roses. He knows I love them and it’s such a wonderful surprise!

  • What was the hardest scene you’ve ever written?

A scene from Releasing the Dragon, book II in the Flames of Kalleen dragon-shifter paranormal romance series. A dragon knight has been accused of betraying the kingdom and the princess who loves him risks everything to save him. Fafner and Crystal’s, forbidden love story is heart-wrenching, as is the choice the lovers are forced to make for the protection of each other, and the kingdom.

  • Who’s your favorite character? Why?

This is always a difficult question. I’d probably have to go with Mara, the main heroine from my Tales of the Black Rose series. I’m currently working on book VII in her world, so she’s the heroine who has been with me on the longest journey. She’s an immortal princess who surrendered her crown for a sword to join the royal guard. She’s a dark character with a difficult past and upbringing. She is fiercely protective of those she loves, and lethal to any who seek to harm those she has vowed to defend. I love characters who walk a thin moral line, and Mara is a character who does so frequently.

  • Tease me with the sexiest quote from one of your books.

         “I want to remember this night,” he said, leaning down to steal another kiss, shifting his hips to better position himself against her. “A thousand years from now, when I look back through the trials of everything yet to come, I want to remember this. Every detail, every sound, every sensation, every touch. volo huius noctis meminisse multo postquam cor meum immortale palpitare desiverit. Even then, I want to remember.”

         Entranced, Edward gave himself up to a moment he knew would live through their immortality. – Silver Rose: Tales of the Black Rose V

  • If you could, how would you help the Indie Writers Community?

Encourage readers who enjoy books they’ve read to post reviews. Reviews are so important, especially to the Indie community.

  • Why did you choose your genre?

    I grew up reading fantasy and horror, then fell in love with paranormal romance in college. My favorite authors include Anne Rice, Karpov-Kinrade, Skyla Dawn Cameron, J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Laurell K. Hamilton and Lilith Saintcrow. I love when tales of epic, fantastical landscapes collide with a dark love story. I wanted to write in the genre I had always loved reading.
  • What was the first romance novel you read?

That would be Laurell K. Hamilton’s, A Kiss of Shadows.

  • Name one song that always makes your writing playlist.

There are two:

Into the Storm by Raven Quinn

Then You Look at Me by Celine Dion


A woman with no memory of her past. Another unable to forget. Both haunted by a sinister creature of roses and shadow with an unquenchable thirst for royal blood. Welcome to the world of the Black Rose.


Six hundred years ago, Mara, the immortal captain of the Black Rose Guard, led her knights to their greatest victory: the annihilation of the Muir Court. For avenging a fallen princess, she was hailed a hero. Yet for Mara, the mirror reflected only a killer.

Haunted by the slaughter carried out in the name of honor and duty, Mara hoped she had fought her last battle. But when a mysterious girl arrives pleading for aid, Mara’s dream of peace shatters as the blood roses begin to bloom.

Determined to save the young woman for whom the long-dormant roses have awakened, Mara dons her ancient Arius blade, and prepares to once again lead her men into a fight from which they may never return.

All the while, Mara’s enemies prepare to exploit her greatest weakness: the life of her only love, Edward. Her sole warning is whispered in shadows: Beware the Silver Rose.


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Featuring Maps Illustrated By: Raven Quinn

Shattered Moonlight: A Twisted Fairytale

By: K.L. Bone & Erin McFadden

Every night, the wolf wailed his sorrow to the lonely moon.

Every sunrise, her heart echoed his mournful call.


Celine treads a worn path through the cursed wood to pray beneath the Hawthorn tree for her sister’s safe return. The trail is dangerous—her nightly pilgrimage is stalked by monsters who dwell in the murky shadows.

One moonlit evening, the beasts come for her, yet instead of meeting death, Celine is saved by a fearsome wolf. As Celine and her wolf develop an unlikely companionship, she begins to suspect the complex creature is more than he appears, and perhaps his fate is inexplicably tied to the kingdom’s curse.

When a handsome huntsman arrives intent on slaying her protector, Celine must face her fears to save her big bad wolf.

Part of the multi-author Once Upon Another World box set featuring 22 twisted fairytales:

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