Romance in the Spotlight: L. Loren

Question & Answer

  • What was the simplest romantic gesture you’ve ever received?

My husband surprised me day with an invitation for date night. It was something I had mentioned I wanted to start doing, but life got busy and it fell by the wayside. One random day I received an invitation via text message to be his date for that night. When I arrived home, he had take-out and my favorite snacks waiting for me, my pajamas were laid out and he had one of my favorite movies, that he purchased, queued in the DVR. We snuggled on the couch and watched An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant. I LOVE that movie. It was so sweet and special to me because he listened to what I liked and made it happen without me asking.


  • What was the hardest scene you’ve ever written?

My mother passed away in 2016 and it has been difficult to heal my heart. Recently I wrote a scene where the character had to visit her mother’s grave to say goodbye and that ripped my heart apart. It was therapeutic for me, but it was damn difficult for me to write.


  • Who’s your favorite character? Why?

I love all my main characters because they all bring different things to the table. If I had to choose, I would give the honor to my first heroine, Lynn Sutton. I love Lynn because she is a boss. She needed to take care of her niece and nephew, so she found a way to do it. She sacrificed her love life until they went off to college and then she went after the man she wanted with no fear. She loved hard and was adventurous and fun.


  • Tease me with the sexiest quote from one of your books.

I don’t know if it is the sexiest, but it was a fun scene to write. This was during a sex scene I wrote for A Phat Ash Christmas. “Oh no you don’t. Get that sweet pussy back on my face before I smack that plump ass of yours.”

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  • If you could, how would you help the Indie Writer’s Community?

I would start a website that would recruit readers who love reading, and give them access to discover new writers’ books. The goal would be to gain more reviews for authors, by requiring the readers to leave a review for every book they read.


  • Why did you choose your genre?

I write Interracial Romance because it is near to me. It reflects my marriage. I love telling stories of love between people who don’t always look or think alike, but make it against the odds. I want to change the way the world sees interracial couples into a more positive light. To let them know that people are people and love is love. Everyone wants it, needs it and it is okay to seek love in places that are new to you. You may just find your one!


  • What was the first romance novel you read?

The first romance novel I remember reading was Scarred by Twyla Turner. It changed my life literally. After reading that three book series, I decided I wanted to write erotic romance novels. That book awoke something in me, and I will always love the story of Sloan and Lexi. I make it a point to re-read that series once a year.


  • Name one song that always makes your writing playlist.

I don’t really listen to music when I am writing, but I do make playlists for some of my books. I don’t have one song that always makes my playlist. Each story that I write has its own unique playlist.


All About L. Loren

L. Loren holds a Business Management Degree from the University of Mount Olive. As a former call center supervisor, her desire to write lay dormant for years, until she found the courage to live her dream. She is currently based in Birmingham, AL with her loving and supportive husband.

L. Loren created her own brand of erotic romance that she dubbed LoveRotica – Love stories with an edge of sexy. Her catalog of sexy stories is self-published and available on Amazon.

Her stories and poems have appeared in various anthologies, publications and literary journals. L. is also the curator of the Love is Color Anthology, available for free on Smashwords.

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