Let Me Help You On Your Project

Putting pen to paper, and actually coming up with words that express the motivation of a particular project is hard enough. Conveying those words into actually making sense is a whole other feat that you can’t conquer alone. That’s where I come in!


Reviewing the final draft of your piece of writing to ensure consistency and accuracy.


Creating a piece of content for a company or individual to publish the work as their own.


Providing expert advice for your project, whether starting out or edited.

You’ve written the best short story, essay, novel, etc. of your dreams. The next step is to get someone to edit all of that hard work. With my services, you will not only get the typical spell and grammar check, but a complete structural edit to make sure it’s clear and concise.

It’s not easy putting your ideas on paper. Although my specialty is erotic fiction, I’m currently accepting all fiction opportunities. We will work closely, with constant communication, to create the story you’ve always wanted!

One. You’ve written a stellar project that has already been edited and is ready for distribution. Now you are in search of whom the publishing community calls a “Beta Reader”. Basically my job would be honesty. I will give you feedback and make suggestions, as your audience. Does your project make sense? Is it well written? Does is flow consistently? Or Two. You’ve just started out, and you’re not sure where to go. I will help you create an outline for your work, causing the right words to just flow right through you!

What My Clients Say...

Ok, I highly recommend her! I am extremely impressed with Camille. It's hard to trust the credibility of some of the freelancers ..., but you have absolutely nothing to worry about with her. She is prompt, extremely professional, gifted, attentive to detail, hard-working and doesn't mind working with you. I am working on a huge project, and she is nothing else but amazing."
"I wrote my book until I was out of words to say. I needed someone to proofread and edit to push my ideas further. Cam did just that. She was excellent! I highly recommend her."
"She did an excellent job on my son's essay. He is very happy with the end results and the suggestions made."
"Extremely professional! She is very attentive to detail and provides great communication with her comments. Recommended!"

Want To Know More?

I always look forward to helping any Indie Author. Just email me with any questions!