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Siera London is the USA Today Bestselling & Award-winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and crime fiction. She crafts stories of diverse characters navigating the challenges and triumphs to find lasting love. Intelligence, wit, emotion, drama, and romance are between the covers of every Siera London novel. Siera lives in Virginia with her husband, and a color patch tabby named Frie.

Question & Answer

What was the simplest romantic gesture you’ve ever received?

After our first date my now husband learned I liked milk chocolate. On our second date, he gave me a Kit Kat bar. Every now and again, he still surprises me with a Kit Kat bar.

What was the hardest scene you’ve ever written? 

My third book in the Lunchtime Chronicles, Prime Ripped has an older heroine, Lucy Layne that I could really relate to. Lucy meets a younger man, Ramsey Tadeo that she adores, but family and life puts her in a position where she has to choose between the man she loves and the life she knows. I was in tears writing their darkest moments.

Who’s your favorite character? Why?

Whoa. This is an awesome, and difficult question to answer. My debut novel, Chasing Ava features an emotionally-blunted nurse and a deeply-wounded surgeon. Logan and Ava will always have my heart.

Tease me with the sexiest quote from one of your books. 

There is no such thing as one sexy quote from a romance author, lol! I will say that my latest release, Mocha Latte in the Lunchtime Chronicles series, is full of steamy goodness.

If you could, how would you help the Indie Writers Community?

I’d build a resource learning library where authors of color can help each craft, market, and sell more diverse romance.

Why did you choose your genre? 

Romance is my safe haven. It rocks me to sleep and cradles me when I need solace.

What was the first romance novel you read? 

Welcome to Leo’s, a short story collection by Rochelle Alers, Donna Hill, Francis Ray, and Brenda Jackson

Name one song that always makes your writing playlist.

No Running From Me by Toulouse

I Remember by Keyshia Cole

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“I’m in control of everybody in my world…except her.” ~ Billionaire Drake Santoro, Lunchtime Chronicles: Mocha Latte

Drake Santoro

I did everything right, but Deja Cummings walked out of my life as if I never mattered. She’s icy, sexy as hell, and mine. She walked away once, it won’t happen again.

Deja Cummings

I had nothing back then, but I thought I had him. I was the girl who was invisible in a room full of people, but he saw me. Drake Santoro was wealthy, powerful, and mine. I trusted him, but I shouldn’t have. Now, I’m all about business, even if my body yearns for Drake’s touch, a latte.

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Mocha Latte

My heart races. His big body is as relaxed as I am in his arms. The custom seat is a perfect fit. Against him, the heat of sculpted abs warms my thigh and spreads. It’s then that I feel a substantial erection, swelling like one of those giant paint rollers in a five-gallon bucket beneath my ass cheeks. Color me fucked because my pussy is ready to tame that bucking bronco.

I lick my lips. “Yeah,” I say, my gaze dropping to his mouth. I stop there. Closing my eyes, inhaling his scent. My mouth waters. Shit, how am I supposed to resist when every cell in my body is clamoring to smother him like a weighted blanket? Serious business, my stomach plummets, a freefall sensation that I have no interest in stopping. I’m hungry for him. This man is my favorite flavor of addiction, dipped in sexy, and then deep-fried in mutha-shut your mouth.

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